Amy Duursma

Theme: Health & Well-being

"How might we ensure that young people (Gen Z and late millennials) become aware of the fact that beauty standards are not always realistic to live up to?"

Perfection Seekers

Young people are incredibly influential and when they are continuously confronted with a certain image, they want to comply with this standard. Social media also has a tremendous impact on all of us these days. Nowadays almost everyone uses social media. Their daily life and appearance are affected by this. Social media has many positive aspects, but unfortunately also negative ones. Because of high expectations and the (unrealistic) beauty standards nowadays young people are creating a low self-esteem.

Perfection Seekers

Perfection Seekers helps young people who struggle with the fact that they don’t live up to the ideal beauty standards. But who wants to become aware that beauty standards are not always realistic to live up to and most of the time just trends. These trends change through time and culture.

This comes with a toolbox that contains a mask that gives you access to the app. In this app you can read all kinds of articles on topics related to beauty standards, have real convo’s with other members and play challenges. Perfection Seekers is more than just an app, You belong to a community.

Let’s start a world where we embrace all differences!

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