Anna Lecaros Gonzalez

Theme: Circular Economy

"How might we create awareness about the environmental harms of film-photography?"

Sustainalogue is an at home DIY film developing kit for photographers who like to spend more time and effort into living a more sustainable lifestyle. The kit will consist of the basic tools you need to develop film at home, made from sustainable materials, and you’ll have access to an online recipe database to mix your own eco-friendly developers.

Users will be able to scan in their developed negatives and share them online, partaking in an online community consisting of artists who share their beliefs and are happy to give each other tips and tricks.

As the industry of analogue photography is experiencing a steady growth over the last few years, with several companies reviving old cameras and films, it’s important for young photographers to ask themselves how this amazing way of making art fits into today’s Zeitgeist of helping the environment and creating a better world. Sustainalogue is a product that helps newer and older film photographers give direction to the way they want to express themselves.

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