Anne Lazaroms

Theme: Health & Well-being

"How might we create an atmosphere with more personal contact to share and express our feelings and emotions?"

Social Light.

The human being is a social being, that needs to connect, collaborate and share with others. The digital evolution anticipates on this basic desire and has led to the development of numerous platforms for digital encounters, but in social perspective there's also a major downside: mobile devices are 24/7 standby giving us notifications and invitations that trigger us all the time. We need moments of relaxation and calmness as well. Therefore, it is essential to temporarily detach from the digital environment. How meaningful is this abundance of digital connections and how do they affect our well-being? Research has shown that this can lead to less social contact within families and mental health problems for teenagers.

Light influences the rate of physical and mental well-being. For my innovation I am using the positive effects of light that stimulates smartphone detachment and emphasizes real-life connections. This is symbolized by the metaphor of a campfire.

The social light innovation helps families who want to improve the quality of the time that family members spend together. The problem in this digital era is that family members are often distracted by their smartphones. The social light innovation creates an atmosphere with more personal contact to share and express feelings and emotions by using the positive and relaxing effects of light and creating quality time moments. The symbolic release of the phones during the family gathering creates a social light experience. Unlike the available screen time apps, the social light stimulates true and meaningful human interactions.

We do not want to spend our days being always online connected, staring at our screen. That is why the social light innovation encourages you to limit your smartphone screen-time to spend more quality time with the people around you.

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