Barry Olierhoek

Theme: Smart & Resilient Living

"How might we increase the subjective safety in the public space?"

Imagine yourself going to live on your own in the city, you want to live in your ideal neighborhood and feel free and safe. But when you go outside at night you don’t feel safe walking in the dark. You know that you are safe, but you don’t feel safe. To make you feel safer you want to have overview of your surroundings. To tackle this unsafe feeling, I introduce the lighting tile

the lighting tile is a tile which can be placed in the streets to increase the subjective safety. Light increases the feeling of being safe, and the tile provides the light. The tile is made from recycled plastics and it can absorb solar energy which makes it self-sustainable. The tiles together can form an eco-system, the tiles provide light when it detects people, it can warn you with red light for traffic and it can light up trashcans which makes them more visible.

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