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As a vegan you might feel like doing a simple thing such as grocery shopping can be at times a very exhausting task. This is because there are not as many varieties of vegan products in grocery stores just yet, but the future looks promising for vegan customers.

No need to stress anymore because you’re taking too long at the grocery store, no need to get frustrated because you’re not finding vegan products fast enough and no need to get anxious and impatient because you have to read labels.

Vegtracker is the perfect solution for you!

You can consider the Vegtracker your new vegan grocery shopping assistant in AR form and it can be found at the entrance of your local supermarkets. It’s a face shield has a unique interface that allows the customer to shop for vegan products using Augmented Reality. This way the customer will not be distracted by other non vegan products but will only see the vegan products pop up in front of their face while walking through the supermarket aisle. Not only can they get their products faster now but also they don’t have to read those annoying labels with all the small letters. Only the most important information about the product or ingredient that a vegan should know, will appear besides the product. And to make it a bit more interesting there are also three easy recipes shown, this way you know for sure if the product is the right one for you. So don’t think twice, make sure you make good use of the Vegtracker and enjoy your vegan grocery shopping.

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