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Theme: Health & Well-being

"How might we realize a personalized way to improve our overall health through more healthy nutrition?"


After the Corona virus shook the world our daily lives and routines has changed extremely. In a situation like this we all realize that our health (mental and physical) is highly important for us. Besides the impact of the pandemic there are also some major other health problems in the world. One of them is the problem of malnutrition. This is the cause of increasing diabetes, obesity and many other diseases. There is not even one country in the world that is excluded from this problem. According to the World Health Organizations’ food expert Dr. Branco: “Malnutrition is a complex issue, but it is the main cause of death and disease in the world,” Bad diets and eating habits are so infiltrated in our busy lives and the overflooding information on what’s healthy food and what’s not can be overwhelming.

The question on what’s healthy and what’s differs per person. Each individual should have their own personal diets to get the nutrition and vitamins they need. That is where Nutri-Bomb comes in. By offering personalized diets that will be delivered at any desired time during the day we offer the right variety for better eating habits. Start your healthy journey by having an intake consult with one of our nutrition coaches/ experts and receive your personalized food-boxes. By using our app and becoming member of our community it is possible to share experiences with each other or to chat at any time with one of our nutrition coaches, if you need any guidance. The only thing you have to do is cook the meal for yourself. Nutri-Bomb strives to make the world population healthier. Optimal health and well-being is a human right and not the privilege of only those who can afford to pay. (Global Nutrition Report, 2020).

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