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"How might we easily let go of our thoughts during the day and before going to sleep in response to our tension level?"

Jellyfish Relaxation

You probably know those horrible sleepless nights when you have tried everything to have a good night’s sleep.

As a bad sleeper I know how this can lead to being tired, moody and less focussed during the day. In the Netherlands one in five is a bad sleeper and in the U.S. it is even one in three. Sleep is extremely important for our health as we spend one third of our lives sleeping.

There are many apps available to help us relax more or learn about our sleep pattern. But often we are not aware that we are too tense to reach out for an app and, even if we use it, it is not easy to get a relaxed (sleep) pattern. In addition, using screens before going to sleep is not helpful.

Because night rest is linked to day rest and relaxed moments throughout the day are the best remedy after sleeping badly, I came up with the ‘Jellyfish Relaxation’. This is a smart drone that is connected to a wearable sensor. The sensor vibrates to tell you are too tense. After you have indicated that you want help, the ‘Jellyfish Relaxation’ smart drone will float towards you. It will move organically with soothing music and it will glow softly in the dark. When you are relaxed enough the ‘Jellyfish Relaxation’ will leave you.

You can also use it as a sleep ritual before going to bed. In this way you achieve a valuable daily cycle with good sleep – increasing energy, focus and productivity and leading to less stress, stable emotions and feeling mentally stronger.

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