Hannad Ahmed

Theme: Health & Well-being

"How might we get gamers to have more meaningful breaks without breaking immersion?"


Although playing video games is one of the most popular leisure activities in the world, the health aspect, both positive and negative, is often neglected.

In a typical six-hour gaming session, PC gamers just take one break, which will cause detrimental health problems later in life.. As companies develop and alter the way PC gamers experience games, immersion and engagement is valued to the maximum for both users and companies. When repetitive movements are involved, as with many other activities, moderation is the key.

Meet Medgram.

Medgram is a holographic device that let’s you cast whichever character you’d like on your desk. This hologram will keep you company and alert you when you need a break.
By observing your gaming personality and playstyle, it will give you health tips and alert you when you need a break at the least intrusive moment, helping you to keep your head in the game and life.

Regain control of your life, Medgram will guide you through it.

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