Imme de Geus

Theme: Inclusive Society

"How might we create knowledge and acceptance of each other's / different cultures?"

The Cultural Experience

We’re living in a vibrant multicultural country / world, so we need to understand and accept cultures other than our own. And we need to remember that we’re all just people who are trying to do the best we can. So, taking each person as he / she is. Most people think we are already further than we really are, in accepting each others cultures. So there are way more steps to take.

Stereotyping makes people more likely to act badly. Even slight cues, like reading a negative stereotype about your race or gender, can have an impact.

The Cultural Experience

With The Cultural Experience people (target audience, between 20 and 30) can learn everything

about different cultures. Whithout the need of traveling, because they are not able to. For example, because of money. They experience a day in the life of someone from another culture, like they are there with them. As a small example, in their living room, seeing what kind of shows they watch on television.

This experience focuses on turning the stereotypical thoughts we have about cultures in to a

realistic image about them. And let’s people realize the impact stereotyping about others can have on that people.

It’s ensured that with the experience people really get to know the cultures and not only the obvious things.

The experience is for at home through videos and for at festivals / museums / expositions through an experience room.

Let’s get rid of stereotyping about each other’s cultures, by turning stereotypical thoughts in to a realistic image, with The Cultural Experience.

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