Indy van Overdijk

Theme: Health & Well-being

"How might we introduce people to fitness in a new and efficient way?"


People are putting way more time and effort in their own health and wellbeing. More and more people are going to the gym and enjoy having a good workout. Unfortunately there are some people who aren’t able to enjoy the gym at all because they feel looked at and feel completely lost at what to do inside the gym.

Luckily, I am offering these people an solution to their problem, namely, Optimirror! Opti-mirror is an concept which incorporates the growing trend of smart objects inside the gym environment. Opti-mirror is an smart mirror which will teach people exercises at their own pace and with perfect accuracy. The mirror will scan the person in front of the mirror and make an silhouette of them in the mirror. Afterwards the mirror will show a couple of exercises to the person in front of the mirror, which he/she has to follow. The silhouette will change color based on how you do the exercise.

Opti-mirror is a tool which is used to beat the only competition you have namely, the person in the mirror

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