Kayleigh Warnaar

Theme: Health & Well-being

"How might we create a physical experience where young adults can throw out their stress and negative feelings and gain a more positive mindset?"

Have you ever experienced a lot of stress? According to my research a lot of young adults suffer with stress and struggle with negative thoughts. They want to get rid of these feelings. They want to relax and feel better again but don’t always know how they can accomplish this?

With the State of Mind Experience Young Adults can reduce their stress and negative mindset and increase a more positive mindset. In the physical experience Young Adults can first throw out all their stress and negative feelings. They can cry, throw, smash and scream or whatever feels good for them. If they feel a bit calmer again, they can go into another room where they can increase positivity, since this can help them to cope better with stressful situations and with reducing stress.

The Physical State of Mind Experience helps to feel less stressed and more positive, calm and free again. See it as a friend you can always come back to, to throw your feelings out. A friend who makes you feel better again.

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