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Theme: Smart & Resilient Living

"How might we make smart products available for elderly people?"

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I’ve always noticed that smart products are focused on young and innovative people. But I think that companies who are selling these smart products, want to bring these products also for elderly people. Through research, I’ve found out that elderly people feel left out on the smart experience.

That’s why my innovation helps elderly people get in touch with smart products but in a way that they would want to learn. With other people who are on the same level as them. By bringing classes and specified guides who are targeted for them.

In these classes they learn about their product’s smart lamps, automated vacuum cleaner and other smart controlled products. After the classes they can fill in in easy to use screens, so they control what’s is being taught in these offline classes.

They can understand and also work with these smart products, and by doing so we can include them with our smart society. Because if the companies don’t help them, why don’t we?

So, are you going to be the next expert that is going to help an elder person?

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