Lian van Rooij

Theme: Circular Economy

"How might we make it more accessible for people to shop based on the different circular aspects of a product?"


Are you able to base your decisions while shopping on circularity? Do you know how circular a product is and do you know where to look?

I did not either, that’s why I made AGROUND. This app helps with making those decisions. Whether you’re in store or at home this apps helps you with finding the important information.

This is how it works:

When you’re in store, there is the possibility to scan the barcodes on products to get more in-formation. When you’ve scanned the product, a label pops up. This label gives quick information on the different themes of circularity.

When you want even more information, you can click on the button “more information “and you’ll see a lot of extra information that might be useful for you.

When you’re at home, you can see the products you saved. Also, you can make shopping lists and use them for when you’re going to the supermarket. This also saves paper because paper shopping lists will be history.

This app will help you save time to spend on other things than grocery shopping. It will make your live easier and it will be a good conversation starter.

By making this app easy to use, I hope to nudge people in making their decisions based on circularity. Why buy the bad product if there’s a good alternative?

The app will help you with saving the environment.

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