Lianne van Gaalen

Theme: Smart & Resilient Living

"How might we connect different generations to make a change within biodiversity?"

Digital Garden

Digital Garden is a game that will entertain children and at the same time teach topics within biodiversity, so that they learn from an early age why biodiversity is important and why it needs to stay in balance. They can invite family members to go on adventures and explore nature in real life. Online they will learn seasonal topics within their own created garden and put the information they learn into the real world.

For humans, biodiversity means food, building materials, fuel (wood) and raw materials for clothing (such as cotton) and medicines. We call these ecosystem services. From my research I found out that it’s not going good with the biodiversity of our planet and that knowledge of how to do something about this problem is missing among the ‘ordinary citizens’. It is a very tough topic with a lot of dense information. I want to create a connection between different generation to share their knowledge and learn about the needs of the planet in a fun way.

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