Lieve Herremans

Theme: Health & Well-being

"How might we improve our social connection in this touch-phobic society?"


The digital age and social media have made us more connected than ever. But do you also feel lonelier and more isolated than ever before?

Gen Z (16-24), the digital generation, are more likely to feel lonelier than other older generations. By making more connections via phones (social media), there is less contact (face to face) with others. That is why they feel lonely and sometimes not even needed (Robinson, 2020). Besides that, loneliness is becoming one of the most significant dangers to our health, even more than smoking and obesity. This shows us that touching, physical contact, each other is really fundamental to bonding, communication and health. Touch is a strong instrument for the communication of positive feelings.

Meet FOUCHED! The FOUCHED vest mimics human touch at a distance through printed sensory technology. FOUCHED reconnects your mind and body. And so, the vest tackles social isolation and realizes a haptic interactive sensation that reconnects relationships within your inner circle when not physically together. There are two options of remote communication; vest-to-vest communication (touch the vest in a certain place and the recipient will feel touched there) and app-to-vest communication (instant action: send the touch by clicking on it).

Feeling touched, be connected.

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