Louisa Haouari

Theme: Smart & Resilient Living

"How might we create a feeling of home with a transportable and safe house for refugees in camps, when culture, temporality and trauma plays a significant role?"


'Foldi' is a foldable cube made out rectangular paper sheets. The space between those sheets consists of aerogel which isolates the home naturally. Foldi is sustainable, safe and compact.

During the transportation to the desired location, these cubes will arrive in flat packages. Unfolding them doesn't require any technical knowledge. They are customizable and can be dedicated to different types of spaces. For example one Foldi cube could be a sanitary area or by connecting several Foldi cubes you could create a home for a couple or a family of ten.

I want to stimulate refugees to subconsciously create a small feeling of a sense of place. This may seem like an unrealistic act to achieve in its entirety within a context that couldn’t possibly feel like home. This sense of place could mean totally different things than the sense of place you would experience in a safe, reliable and known environment. For example hope, love or future.

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