Maurits Sterrenburg

Theme: Health & Well-being

"How might we give students a mental boost in the morning?"


Do you remember the days where you already felt down after waking up. And you still had to live through a whole day.Those days seem longer and harder then the days where you are feeling great about yourself. Imagine that you feel down on a special day like, your birthday,a job interview or a family moment to which you were looking forward too.

With my innovation i want to help to make such days mentally easier.My innovation Closi will help you put a outfit together where you will feel good in it. Closi will do this with old and new clothes and gives you a personal compliment for it. For example by mentioning a special moment where you wore the same outfit. Closi is made to give you a mental boost on the days where you need it most.This innovation will do that with clothes. Because who doesn’t feel great in their favourite outfit?

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