Nick Clowting

Theme: Future Business

"How might we make the experience at home more personal and create a smaller gap between the producer and consumers?"


Grounded is a special service for the coffee makers at home, it is an interactive platform where these makers can learn more about coffee, buy coffee from various producers. This way we can make an impact not only at home but also the producers will benefit from this interaction.

From my research I have found that seventy percent of the home makers do not know what the background of their coffee is, to know what kind of coffee you have is very important for the flavours it has. For farmers it is difficult to make a living because the work is hard and they are very dependent on the demand of their coffee.

Grounded can help because it's a new way of trading, this is more a direct approach to get coffee directly from the farmer by subscribing to a piece of plantation, as a consumer you have the control over your grounds and you can roast your beans by a roaster to your liking. With it you learn more about the production of coffee and within Grounded you can also learn more about the making of coffee, so you can make the perfect cup at home.

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