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Theme: Future Business

"How might we make digital designers work more efficiently with the use of innovative technology? "


Workbot is A.I. that you can connect to your computer. After installation this A.I. works as a digital assistant that can help the user with finding inspiration and co-create digital designs.

How does it work?

It will proces the data you received from you client. Workbot uses this information to look at the various online platforms from which the user normally gets his inspiration, such as Pinterest etc. Within a few seconds Workbot has made a selection with examples that can be converted to moodboards. The user can save multiple moodboards and/or edit them in real time in different design programs such as Adobe, where workbot gives new images to the user that he can add to his moodboard or if he doesn't want them, simply click away and ask for a different image.

The creation tool helps the user with the next step, creating a design. With the information gained by workbot, the A.I. can then make suggestions to the user while the user is designing. For example workbot gives an example of a different layout that you might have liked better. With Workbot you can quickly switch between different suggestions in order to come up with new ideas that you can then further adapt or use as inspiration. Here, too, Workbot's A.I. learns from the user’s workstyle during use. This makes Workbot more efficient over time by searching for information that suits you as a designer. Based on this input Workbot can create a profile that suits the user of the product in order to work more efficiently. There are also dangers attached to this, to ensure that the A.I. does not throw the user into a filter bubble, there are various settings available such as a slider where the user can indicate that workbot also shows completely different information than just that which suits the user or what is related to his profile (such as with youtube, etc).

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