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"How might we offer help at home for depressed teenagers to overcome depression?"


Depression is a mental health problem worldwide. More than 300 million people suffer from depression. When you are depressed, you have the feeling that you can’t fly away and life seems not colorful anymore. You are stuck. Buddyfly helps you to spread your wings to feel free again.

Buddyfly is about the three transformations of a butterfly; the caterpillar, the cocoon and the butterfly. It will be used as treatment at home for depressed teenagers and only the therapist can assign it to them. The therapist will lead the process in general.

Each stage represents the progress you have made. You will start with the caterpillar, which symbolizes the start of your journey to overcome depression. In this stage you will get to know yourself and still need a lot of support. The next stage, the cocoon, is all about growing and evolving into your wings. The last stage, the butterfly, is about learning how to spread your wings and letting you see the bright side of life again.

As part of the buddyfly, the depressed child will receive a smart watch and a smart journal. The smart watch is intended to receive signals from emotions, for example through the heart rate. When the smart watch detects this signal, it will immediately notify the child to write down, record or draw his/her feelings. This is what the smart journal is for, which is kept in the caterpillar, cocoon or butterfly holder.

Spread your wings to feel free again!

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