Sarah Kramer

Theme: Circular Economy

"How might we inform young-adults and turn the negative associations towards our own waste into positive ones?"


The Netherlands and many other countries suffer from a growing problem of clean drinking water shortage. Everyday we flush away 1,5  liters of our own urine with 33  liters  of clean drinking water. With this process the waste that is discharged still contains harmful substances that are not eliminated. Even 70% of the water used by humans goes to the global agriculture sector and a massive amount of artificial fertilisers are used on our lands, for our food production. This results into soil depletion and many more issues for our farms. 

Now think about your own urine...yes! We all find it gross to think of it and it is something we want as little as possible to do with. But what if it is a resource, we could use to help in our fight against climate change? Our own urine contains many nutrients that can be used as a valuable resource. Even though there is existing research and techniques that can be used to transform our urine into fertilizer, hardly anybody knows about it.  

We believe that we cannot change the current lineair system if we do not look differently at our own waste.  The aim of Veghouse is not to directly change an existing system, but to start a conversation. How might we inform young-adults and turn the negative associations towards our own waste into positive ones? 

Veghouse is a healthy and circular alternative to the current public plastic bathroom options. You will find the Veghouse at festivals where it enables young adults to become more aware of the possibilities within a sustainable life in a casual environment. Veghouse does this by offering information on how your own urine is not waste but a valuable resource. 

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