Shannon Pronk

Theme: Health & Well-being

"How might we create more spaces for the dog's natural behavior and communication?"


Since the beginning of last year I've became a part of the dog community. Due to the pandemic we haven't had the option to follow any courses and thus I've studied dog training, trainers and training attributed myself. What I've noticed is that the array of training attributes haven't changed as much, and that even though the research behind these training methods has vastly changed over the past time, dog owners are still facing the same challenges compared to a decade ago.

By adopting the newest training methods and technologies I want to educate dog owners and provide their dogs the space they need to grow. My goal with this innovation, In Sync, is to overcome problematic behaviour by providing dog owners insight about the natural behaviour and communication of their dogs.

In Sync is a tool that collects information about your dog and then converts this information to a 'state of mind'. This 'state of mind' is then distributed to you and dog owners in a chosen radius. If this 'state of mind' happens to be alarming, which could for example be distressed, nervous or even aggressive, you and dog owners to whom this information is distributed to can be informed on how to treat the situation. These instructions are carefully put together based on knowledge provided to us by different professional dog trainers and dog behaviour experts.

By focussing on dog owners and guiding them in analysing and understanding their dogs and their behaviour and body language, I hope to create more space for the natural communication and behaviour of dogs.

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