Soo Seng

Theme: Smart & Resilient Living

"How might we apply AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Smart living technology to make efficient system in Emergency department?"

Around the world, about 12% of medical accidents occur annually in emergency rooms. This seems to be due to a phenomenon in which a large number of patients are concentrated while the medical staff is insufficient. Therefore, the self triage system supplements the shortage of personnel in the emergency room through the AI assistant, reduces the time and process for initial diagnosis, and deliver accurate information based on blockchain.

The self triage system is a one-stop self-check-in system. The machine does the job asking about the patient's symptoms, personal information, the context of the injury, their health records and medical history. Through this, patients can convey details to doctors without missing information. Medical staff can scan patients and make correct diagnosis and treatment in a short time. It also reduces the burden on the emergency room medical staff who are overworked.

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