Vanna Scheer

Theme: Inclusive Society

"How might we create an impactful movement allowing youth to interactively eliminate their taboos?"


Talking about something that is defined as taboo is hard. The feeling you might experience is shame, a lack of understanding or maybe avoidance all together. Taboo is a subject that is avoided by society.

To talk about taboo experiences, the taboo has to be eliminated. To eliminate it, the taboo has to be discussed. Talking about taboos is something necessary for the world to grow and for humans to develop.

TABYE will help youth discuss their own taboos by creating an impactful movement that everyone can be a part of.

TABYE represents both a physical and digital environment open for taboo discussions. Physically, TABYE employs merchandise containing the chosen taboo topic and a scannable link to its discussion platform. Digitally, TABYE keeps track of scanned taboo topics and their discussions.

Combined, TABYE strives to eliminate taboos by normalizing discussions about them.

Just because we do not see taboos, does not mean they are not there.

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