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Theme: Health & Well-being

"How might we help students get rid of their frustrations without being a burden to their environment and still keeping a professional attitude?"


Students experience a lot of pressure while working on all of their tasks, 30% of youngsters say they have a good overall emotional wellbeing (Varkey Foundation, 2017). So, it is not weird that burnouts are becoming more and more occurring. They do not only have school to worry about but all the other factors that are important in the world right now, like climate change and what this means for their future.

So, it is important for them to have an outlet for all these tensions and the frustrations they feel while working. But it is not always the right place and time to do so.

This is where the statement product Maskin’ comes in. The devices work with noise reduction and anti-sound, so all the noise you make inside of the product won’t be audible for the outside world. Screaming helps reducing the stress somebody is feeling, this way students can give their frustrations a place and let it all out while working even at places like their internship.

Let’s start a world where we do not bottle up our emotions but express them in a professional way!

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