Wout Verstegen

Theme: Circular Economy

"How might we we use green energy to comfort travellers after a long day?"

On vacation when out camping or hiking, the day always has to end with setting up camp and making yourself some food. This can be quite a hassle, can’t it? Not something most people are looking forward to. The day should be about the trip you made and not be ruined at the end of the day when you’re tired. That brings the great experience to a stand still.Solstove want to focus on that moment of comfort during travel and make it as easy and reliable as possible. Apart from that, current portable cooking solutions use natural gas cartridges which can run out. Not only can it run out for you at that moment, but eventu-ally it will run out for all of us, since natural gas is a finite resource on this planet of ours.Solstove hangs of your backpack as a small, lightweight device with a solar panel. Have the solar panel face the sun and charge the internal battery. Whenever you are feeling hungry, the battery will provide power to a resistive heating element and heat up your pan. Need to charge it quickly? The SolStove also has a USB-C port so you can charge it via an external source.

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