Yordi van Leeuwen

Theme: Smart & Resilient Living

"How might we create a more interactive and memorable way for long-distance loved ones to create closeness and memories?"

Virtual bond

You have probably noticed it yourself during the lockdowns, interaction with people over a distance is very bland right now. It’s not personal or immersive, you look at a flat screen where you can see someone. This is easy of course but it could be better.

This is where my innovation comes into play.

Grab your phone and scan your room, virtual bond will make a 3D version of your room using photogrammetry. This 3D version of your room will then be used as a location for loved ones to visit you in. You will be able to virtually interact with each other in a personal environment you both know and love. Thanks to VR it will also be more immersive and you will be able to move around. You can connect your devices with IoT so that you can connect these to your virtual world. Watch TV together, listen music, maybe even make some coffee.

Thanks to this interactions will be memorable and special again. It will be as close to the real thing as possible while allowing you to do this from your own living space.

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